To become the preferred service provider of Special Engineered Equipment in the local and global markets which we serve and to outperform our competitors in all sectors.

Mission statement

To be chosen by our customers as the market leader in providing engineered solutions in the Automotive and Automation; Munitions Equipment; Extrusion Components; Human Capital Development; and Energy and Water Resource Sector. To provide affordable, safe, reliable and first-rate service to all the markets which we serve. To develop all our people and, in doing so, to create a passionate work ethic throughout our whole value chain.


  • Passion and Commitment: We are true to our word, give our best to every project and approach our work with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Integrity: At all times, we are open, transparent and sincere and we vigilantly pursue ethical practices.
  • Customer Focus: We strive to exceed customer expectations and to add real value to their business.
  • Teamwork: Each of us endeavours to be a team player so that we are able to actively support our colleagues in order to raise the overall team performance.

Mechanical Design Training

EXESGLOBAL understands that there is an ever-growing demand for and lack of particular skills in mechanical design using specific software in South Africa. EXESGLOBAL provides expert experienced engineers to train students, engineers and companies using CATIA and Unigraphics. CATIA and Unigraphics are widely used as world leading solutions for innovative product design and modeling. EXES's Human Capital Development program teaches students, engineers and companies how to use CATIA facilities in mechanical design and modeling. EXESGLOBAL's curriculum covers basic and specific practical design skills. Prospective employment seekers looking for opportunities with leading companies, both in South Africa and internationally will benefit greatly from our training. The time spent with us prepares students for jobs in engineering by providing them with access to employment opportunities in the most dynamic and innovative fields of design and manufacturing in various sectors.


EXESGLOBAL offers the following apprenticeships: Fitting and Turning, Tool Making and Welding. For more information on how to apply, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialist Mechanical Process Training

The Specialist Mechanical Process Training is a unique training course that EX-ES provides in a country which is experiencing a growing demand for and suffers from a gross lack of this kind of tuition. Many companies often lack training in this area and allow skilled individuals to learn on the job, which can cost companies a great deal. EX-ES minimizes this by providing companies specialist skills training in mechanical process (includes ergonomics).