EXES INDUSTRIA is a very significant local company in the manufacturing of iron and steel products, with particular emphasis in railway related products. The company was established in 2005 as a (Level 2) BEE accredited company which is currently based in Port Elizabeth. They have a solid track record in providing to clients engineered solutions in the automotive, automation and human capital development market, by providing an affordable, safe, reliable and high quality service in all markets we serve.


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Mechanical Design and Stimulation
  • Automation
  • Control and vision system
  • Manufacturer and Installation
  • Metrology
  • Jigs and Fixture
  • Special Purpose Machinery
  • Material Handing and Conveyor Systems
  • CNC Manufacturing

OPUSCOR Autoclaves

Opuscor Autoclaves Manufacturer and Repairs is heavily involved in the field of autoclave manufacturing, producing cutting edge new steam autoclaves but we also upgrade, refurbish and rebuild existing old and out-dated autoclaves enabling their continued use in today’s demanding conditions in various industries dependent on unbroken service from such products to maximise productivity rates and keep down time to a minimum. Due to the fact that we are a well- managed company with very dedicated employees we are able to supply products at very competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of the products and service to our customers. We also supply various manufacturer guarantees on all our products, new or rebuild units.


  • Autoclaves
  • Ovens
  • CPC Controls
  • Components
  • monitored and calibrated measuring devices
  • permanent process of training and improving of staff qualification
  • wide-range assortment of devices and spare parts stock

Exes Industrial Suppliers

Exes industrial suppliers, an industry leading distributer of track tools, work equipments, shop tools and related items. Our goal is to provide secure, high quality, cost effective solutions, first-class customer service. Our team is determined to meet all our customers’ needs by providing suitable products and applications.

Our team is constantly trying to find new business opportunities in order to provide fresh and creative solutions for our customers.


  • Water Pumps and Valves
  • Distributers and generators
  • Heatpumps Solutions
  • Lubricants
  • Mechanical
  • Seasonal

Smartgrid Meter System

Smartgrid Meter System designed its product portfolio to create an improved service offering for utilities and customers. Open architecture allows integration of either new or existing systems and can also include those of third-party vendors. This product and service offering for utilities, service providers and end customers fits into three solution sets.


  • Process Metering Pumps
  • Distributers and generators
  • Metering Pumps Systems
  • Chemical Transfer, Pumps heat
  • Technology, Gravity Filters
  • Disinfection Systems and
  • Oxidation Systems